Darque Krystal Ft Sam Vince - Light A Fire

She think's she's lead him on .......  it was fling ....... nothing permanent...... he loves her, but does she?  She doesn't want to light a fire!  A beautiful song written and produced by Darque Krystal.  Vocals by Sam Vince.

Airforlife Ft. Sam Vince - I Can't Speak

Coming soon on Club G Music this great track by Airforlife and Sam Vince - I Can't Speak (Extended Mix) will be released on 24th Feb 2014.

Airforlife ft Sam Vince I Can't Speak- Extended Mix

I've collaborated with Aifrolife on this fantastic track, called "I Can't Speak". We worked really hard together on this production. I'm really delighted that it will be released soon with Club G Records. 


Darque Krystal Ft. Sam Vince - Take Me Home - Number 1 on Triple J Unearthed Dance charts, in only 1 week!!!!!!!!!!!! 

This is the first track with U.K based vocalist Sam Vince. The track is called Take Me Home. This track is definitely for the clubs. It features an intricate production as well an extremely strong vocal performance from Sam.

Nightsky Ft. Sam Vince - The Innocence of Love

Coming soon on Transeport Records, "The Innocence of Love", Uplifting Trance.  Nightsky Ft. Sam Vince

Remix Competition - Night Falls - X2Sound Ft. Sam Vince

I'm looking forward to hearing the Transeport Records remix entries for Night Falls.

Closing date 12th January 2014.


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